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Coming together nicely…

January 31, 2013

Ok its getting quite exciting now! I managed to get funding for the first part of the project (see below), so things are going well…

The first thing to get sorted was the photo curtain. I worked with a company called Corvidae who did some impressive stuff at Knole, and I must say they were incredibly helpful and creative, and managed to create exactly what I wanted, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that I did want! We haven’t hung the print yet, we’ll wait until nearer opening time, but that’s one thing ticked off!

The sink has gone in as well, courtesy of our regular local plumbers. Its not perfect but its miles better than the old modern one. They’re going to diddle it up a bit for us – find some old Victorian pipe brackets, build us an old fashioned draining board, and put a little curtain round underneath the sink – I think it will look pretty good by the time they’re done, and far less incongruous than what we’re used to!

The new sink isn't quite spot-on, but we're still working on it.

The new sink isn’t quite spot-on, but we’re still working on it.

My own little bits and bobs are coming together ok too. I’ve put up my coat hooks, neatly by the back door with the old umbrella stand, and we’ve hung the housemaid’s apron there, looks good to me! I’ve also moved our old mangle and set up a little display with that, its gradually coming together. I also wasn’t quite sure what to do with the conservation display that was already there, but I had a bit of a play around this weekend and I think I’ve made it fit the space required quite nicely.

The housemaid has hung up her apron by the back door...

The housemaid has hung up her apron by the back door…

...and the conservation display is back together.

…and the conservation display is back together.

The last thing we’ve got coming for now is the information panel. For this we’ve used a local design company that we often go to, FDK. I am always impressed when I send them words and pictures and they send me back something pretty. I’ve seen the first couple of drafts of the design, and I’m really pleased with it – just a couple of little tweaks left to sort out. Remember those photos I posted of chandelier cleaning and the cellar? They were all taken by our supurb volunteer photographer James, and he very kindly came in to take some shots for the board, which are also great. I won’t reveal the design to you all just yet but it will look good when its in place, I’m sure.

The only thing we haven’t got sorted just yet is the little signs I wanted for each door – we might still get them but I haven’t quite got there yet. Even if we don’t get those in place for opening they can be added later. Generally I’m really pleased with how it is coming together, I hope everyone else will be too!

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  1. February 26, 2013 6:32 pm

    I was at hatchalands school during a year when major Hargreavest has a school. The house was beautiful and de park too

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